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For Business Owners

The Business Maximization Process (TBMP) eliminates some of the most prevalent issues successful business owners face today. Given the recent downturn in the economy it will be important to attract, retain and motivate Executive talent with innovative Non-Qualified Plans. With this said, our most important assets are represented in your “key” employees.

Lack of a well thought through Business Continuity Process, can lead owners or key performers to meet an untimely demise or become totally disabled. In addition, proper funding and risk shifting is essential. Moreover, the transfer of a business to successors is a challenging process that requires skilled professionals to ensure tax efficiency, proper (supportable) valuations and a smooth transition. Finally, Exit Strategy Planning mandates proper lead time and innovation tax planning

We must also consider the fact that estate tax reform (no repeal of estate taxes likely) and the expansion of the exempted assets by 75% to $5,340,000 warrants a complete review of testamentary documents, i.e. Good Planning Matters! With estate taxes are due nine months after death, inadequate liquidity to meet a confiscatory estate tax lien can be disruptive to the ongoing viability of the enterprise.

Another question to as is, "Is a Wealth Management Strategy in place to help provide financial independence for the owner and/or their family?"

We also believe that business owners should understand that market risk and purchasing power loss can be mitigated through professional asset management. To limit market risk, we feel you have to ask yourself if you have employed solid Legal, Accounting, Family Business Advisor and Financial Planning relationships that are properly coordinated and integrated.

Business Succession Planning

  • Customized exit strategy
  • Tax efficiency

Attract, Retain, Reward Key Employees

  • For owners and executives
  • Educate owners in new IRS statues- Reduce taxes

Group Benefits

  • 401k, Simple IRA, SEP
  • Group Health Business